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We have the world’s major currencies for business & leisure travel.
The card can be loaded with USD, GBP, EUR and AUD for safer travel.
Accepted worldwide, traveller’s cheques are safe & handy.
Use your credit card to get cash from a foreign bank account.
Book hotels, pay for conferences and tours overseas in advance.
A R20 Million/year facility for businesses with regular foreign travel
Apply to receive payments in foreign currency from your clients.
Save, gain and experience the added value that loyalty receives.
Send money to a foreign bank account using wire transfer.
Send money instantly to anywhere in the world. Simple, fast, safe.
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If you are looking for exchange rates that give your more money for your money, you are in the perfect place. Forex World (Pty) Limited was established in 2009 and is an Authorised Dealer in foreign exchange with limited authority (ADLA) regulated by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB). We have simplified our website to make it easy for you to get to what you want in terms of rates, information, online currency orders, sending money overseas and more, quickly and effortlessly